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What is the main purpose of text structure?

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What is the main purpose of text structure?
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Text structure is how a text is organized, including the order of information. It helps readers understand the text. Common text structures include chronological, cause and effect, problem and solution, and compare and contrast. When you read, look for text structure clues to figure out the author's purpose and the main ideas.
What is Text Structure?
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Chronological order: the order of events in a story that is told in the order that it happened. Cause and effect: an event or action that happens due to another event or action; one event causes another event to occur. Sequence of events: a sequence is the order of events that happen in a story from start to finish.
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Sentences can be placed in different orders to create different types of text structure. Text structure can change the meaning of the text. The same text can have different structures depending on the audience it is targeting.
Did you know?
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Work together in pairs: What are the four main types of text structure?
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Work together in pairs: What are the three main text structures used in nonfiction writing?
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Brain break: Draw a unicorn with pizza for legs and spaghetti for hair
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What text structure presents a problem and its solution?
  • Problem-solution
  • Cause-effect
  • Chronological
  • Compare-contrast
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What is the purpose of the compare-contrast text structure?
  • To show similarities and differences between two or more things
  • To describe how something works
  • To tell a story in order of time or events
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In what way is information organized in chronological text structure?
  • By time or sequence of events
  • By comparison to other things
  • By cause and effect
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What is the purpose of cause-effect text structure?
  • To explain why something happens (cause) and what happens as a result (effect)
  • To provide directions on how to do something
  • To describe different parts of an object
  • None of these
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Which text structure explains how something works?
  • Descriptive
  • Problem-solution
  • Chronological
  • Compare-contrast

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