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What is the name of the cycle that involves carbon?

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What is the name of the cycle that involves carbon?
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Carbon is a key element in nature that cycles between living things and the environment. Plants absorb carbon dioxide from the air and use it to make their own food. Animals eat plants and breathe out carbon dioxide, completing the cycle.
The Carbon Cycle for Kids
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Photosynthesis: The process by which plants use energy from sunlight to convert carbon dioxide and water into oxygen and glucose. Respiration: The process by which living organisms take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Decomposition: The breakdown of organic matter by bacteria and fungi, releasing carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere.
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The Carbon Cycle is part of the nitrogen cycle, meaning that the two cycles interact with each other to keep the environment in balance. The ocean is one of the biggest players in the carbon cycle - it stores more carbon than the atmosphere and land combined. A type of bacteria called methanogens play an important role in the carbon cycle by helping to convert carbon dioxide into methane gas.
Did you know?
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What are the different steps in the Carbon Cycle?
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What would happen if the Carbon Cycle stopped?
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How do humans impact the Carbon Cycle?
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What could you do to help the Carbon Cycle?
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Question: What is the Carbon Cycle and how does it work? Clues: • Carbon is found in all living things and helps them grow. • Carbon moves from the air, to plants, to animals, and back to the air. • Carbon is very important for life on Earth. In pairs: Select and solve one of the tasks: A. Draw a diagram of the Carbon Cycle and explain how the Carbon moves through each part. B. Pretend you are a Carbon atom and draw the different places you go as you move through the Carbon Cycle.
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What is the main source of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?
  • Breathing of animals
  • Burning fossil fuels
  • Photosynthesis
  • Volcanic eruptions
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Which process removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere?
  • Water cycle
  • Erosion
  • Decomposition
  • Photosynthesis
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What do plants do with carbon dioxide during photosynthesis?
  • Release it into the air
  • Convert it into glucose (sugar)
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Work together in pairs: Q: What are the three main steps of the carbon cycle?
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