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Welcome to 6th Grade Science!
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My name is Miss Thomas, and I will be your teacher this year!
Here's a little bit about me...
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I am from Warren, Ohio.
4. Open question
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Where are you from?
5. Open question
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I have one dog, two cats, and 13 chickens. Do you have any pets?
6. Open question
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In my spare time, I am an urban farmer, stretch and flexibility coach, and I love doing anything outside. What do you like to do outside of school?
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What's our class going to be like?
Let's look at our syllabus...
Syllabus: a document that outlines important information about a class
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Classroom Norms:
Be respectful Be responsible Be safe
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What if You Don't Follow the Classroom Norms?
Verbal Warning Lose Participation Point Call Home Behavior Referral
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What will we learn about in science this year?
Science Skills Designing and conducting experiments, analyzing data, making conclusions Earth Science Rocks, minerals, and soil Physical Science Atoms, states of matter, kinetic and potential energy, and motion Life Science Cells and living systems
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How will our class periods be structured?
Do Now Science Journal Daily Science Lesson Exit Ticket
Monday's: Vocabulary Review - Blookets
Friday's: Weekly Review - Kahoot; Vocabulary Quiz
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How will your grades be calculated?
Science Journals: 25 points per week Participation: 15 points per week Vocabulary Quizzes: 20 points per week Tests: 100 points per unit Projects: Point values will vary. Each Unit will contain at least one project.
Participation = 1 point for Do Now, 1 point for following classroom norms, 1 point for Exit Ticket
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Monthly Drawing:
When I catch you doing great things in class or in the school, I will give you a raffle ticket for our monthly classroom drawing.
Return forms that need to be signed to school Following School Expectations and Classroom Norms Completing Collaborative Coloring Mural
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Student Information Sheets Coffee Filters: How Will You Grow This Year? Birthday's

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