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Where does our food come from?


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Name one main source of food.
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Where Does Our Food Come From?
Most of the food we eat comes from plants and animals that are grown or raised on farms. Some food is grown in greenhouses or in hydroponics systems. Some food is even grown in oceans and lakes, like seaweed and fish!
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Did you know?
Around 70% of all food in the United States comes from farms located in the Midwest. The average grocery store in the U.S. carries over 40,000 different items, most of which come from all over the world. The average grocery store strawberry travels 1,300 miles to get to the store!
4. Open question
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What are some of the different countries where our food is sourced from?
5. Open question
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What are some of the challenges associated with food production and transportation?
6. Open question
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What can we do to ensure that our food comes from safe and healthy sources?
7. Open question
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How can we become more aware of where our food comes from?
8. Drawings
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Brain break: Draw an elephant holding an umbrella and wearing a tuxedo while doing a happy dance in the rain
9. Drawings
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In pairs: Select one task
Question: Where does our food come from?
Think about the food you eat every day. How did it get to your plate? What are the steps involved in getting food from the farm to your table?
A: Work in pairs to draw a diagram showing the path from farm to table. B: Explain to your partner how each step works.
10. Poll
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Where does milk come from?
  • Cows
  • Fish
  • Bananas
  • Clouds
11. Poll
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What fruit grows on trees?
  • Cheese
  • Potatoes
  • Apples
  • Carrots
12. Open question
180 seconds
Work together in pairs: What are some of the ways that food is grown or produced to provide food for people?

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