Why are ALL world maps are wrong?

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Why do you think all world maps are incorrect?
  • It's impossible to accurately draw a three-dimensional world on a two-dimensional surface.
  • The maps are distorted due to the Mercator projection.
  • The maps are outdated and don't reflect recent changes in geography.
  • Maps are purposefully biased to favor certain countries.
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Did you know?
Most world maps are distorted, meaning they do not represent the true size of countries and continents. For example, Greenland looks much larger than it really is. The Mercator map, which is the most popular map projection used in the world, distorts the size of countries and continents near the poles, such as Alaska, Russia and Canada. There are many different map projections, each one representing the world in a different way. Each projection has its own advantages and disadvantages.
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Why World Maps Are Not Perfectly Accurate
Earth is not a perfect sphere – it is an oblate spheroid. Earth's surface is curved, so it is impossible to represent it on a flat map without distortion. Different map projections can be used to reduce this distortion, but all involve some level of inaccuracy.
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Design a world map with exaggerated land sizes to demonstrate the distortion caused by traditional map projections.

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