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Wilfred Owen - Arms and the Boy

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Wilfred Owen - Arms and the Boy
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In Arms and the Boy, what is the main theme?
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"Analyze the use of imagery in poems"
Learning objective:
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The poem is about a young soldier forced to make a difficult decision between his duty and his conscience. The poem conveys the horrors of war, and the idea that no soldier should have to make the decision to kill. The poem challenges readers to think about the consequences of war and the moral implications of participating in it.
Analyzing Wilfred Owen's 'Arms and the Boy'
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Horror of War: The poem is a reflection of Wilfred Owen's experiences in World War I and the horrific destruction of war. It is a condemnation of war, arguing that it turns young boys into killing machines. Use of Language: The poem uses powerful imagery to describe the horrors of war and how it affects young soldiers. The language is direct and often graphic to convey the brutality of the situation. Irony: The poem uses irony to contrast the innocence of the young soldier with the brutality of war. It also highlights the futility of war and the destruction it causes.
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Arms and the Boy was the first poem Wilfred Owen wrote after enlisting in the British Army in 1915. The poem is a commentary on the false romanticism of war and its devastating consequences for young soldiers. The title of the poem is based on the opening lines of Virgil's epic poem, The Aeneid, which translates to 'Arms and the man I sing.'
Did you know?
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Work together in pairs: What kind of imagery does Wilfred Owen use in "Arms and the Boy" to explore the theme of innocence?
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Work together in pairs: What effect did Wilfred Owen's use of imagery have on the reader's understanding of the poem's central theme of war?
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Brain break: Draw a bunch of funny-looking vegetables having a dance party
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Who is the author of the poem 'Arms and the Boy'?
  • Wilfred Owen
  • Robert Frost
  • Emily Dickinson
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What is the main theme of 'Arms and the Boy'?
  • The destructive nature of war on young soldiers
  • The glory and heroism associated with war
  • The political realities that cause wars
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'Arms and the Boy' is written in what form?
  • Sonnet
  • Free verse
  • Haiku
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'Arms and the Boy' was written during which war?
  • World War I
  • World War II
  • Korean War
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What literary device does Wilfred Owen use to describe weapons in 'Arms and The Boy'?
  • Personification
  • Metaphor
  • Alliteration

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