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Write a paragraph using compare and contrast


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In one sentence, compare and contrast two things.
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Comparing and Contrasting
Comparing and contrasting is a way to analyze and draw conclusions from information. It involves looking for similarities and differences between two topics and then evaluating them. It helps you to make informed decisions and judgments about topics.
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Did you know?
Compare and Contrast essays can help students develop critical thinking skills by analyzing two or more topics to identify similarities and differences. The concept of compare and contrast writing can be traced back to Aristotle’s Rhetoric, a form of ancient Greek literature. The compare and contrast essay format is often used in college for a variety of disciplines, such as history, political science, and anthropology.
4. Open question
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What are the similarities and differences between the two items being compared and contrasted?
5. Open question
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What do you think is the most important difference between the two items being compared and contrasted?
6. Open question
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What new insight did you gain from comparing and contrasting the two items?
7. Open question
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What could you have done differently to make your comparison and contrast more meaningful?
8. Drawings
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Brain break: Draw a silly giraffe with stick figure legs playing a ukulele
9. Drawings
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In pairs: Select one task
Question: Write a paragraph comparing and contrasting two characters from a book you have read.
Think about the different personalities of the characters. Identify the similarities and differences between the characters. Include quotations and examples from the book to support your comparison.
A: Work in pairs and explain your paragraph with a drawing. B: Write your paragraph using compare and contrast.
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Compare and contrast the advantages of living in a city versus living in the countryside.
  • City life offers more job opportunities and cultural experiences, while countryside living provides tranquility and a closer connection to nature.
  • Living in the city means dealing with traffic and noise pollution, whereas the countryside offers peace and quiet with fewer amenities.
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Write a paragraph comparing and contrasting two popular social media platforms of your choice.
  • While Facebook is more popular among older generations for networking purposes, Instagram is widely favored by younger individuals for its visual-centric platform.
  • Facebook allows users to connect with friends, share updates, and join groups, while Instagram focuses on visual content sharing through photos and videos.
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Compare and contrast two different genres of music.
  • Jazz music is characterized by improvisation, syncopation, and complex harmonies, whereas hip-hop music relies heavily on beats, rhymes, sampling techniques.
  • Classical music often features orchestral arrangements composed by renowned composers like Mozart or Beethoven; on the other hand, rock music emphasizes amplified guitars and showcases energetic performances.
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Write a paragraph comparing the benefits of reading books versus watching movies.
  • Reading books stimulates imagination and enhances language skills through descriptive storytelling. In contrast, watching movies provides an audio-visual experience that brings stories to life with engaging visuals.
  • Books allow readers to create their own mental images based on descriptive text details; however movies provide ready-made visuals that can be enjoyed passively without much effort.
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Compare two different sports in terms of rules and gameplay.
  • Basketball has shorter game durations with high-scoring matches, whereas soccer often has longer game durations with lower-scoring matches.
  • Basketball involves dribbling a ball while trying to score points by shooting it into a hoop. On the other hand soccer requires players to use their feet (and sometimes head) to maneuver a ball towards scoring goals.
15. Open question
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Work together in pairs: What are two similarities and two differences between the two topics you are comparing and contrasting in your paragraph?
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