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Writing Dialogue: Punctuation and Formatting

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Dialogue is the conversation between two or more people. Start a new line for each speaker. Use quotation marks (") to show who is speaking, and a comma (,) to separate the dialogue from the speaker's name. Start a new paragraph when the speaker changes, and use action tags (e.g. he said, she asked) to show who is speaking.
Writing Dialogue: Punctuation and Formatting
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Dialogue – Conversation between two or more characters. It is usually written in the form of quotes to indicate who is speaking. Punctuation – Punctuation is used to separate the dialogue into understandable chunks and to indicate pauses or a change in tone. Formatting – Dialogue should be written in one paragraph and all sentences should be written as complete sentences.
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When writing dialogue, the punctuation goes inside the quotation marks. The correct format for dialogue has the speaker's name followed by a comma, then the dialogue. In some cases, dialogue can be used to express thoughts, instead of words spoken out loud.
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What are some of the benefits of using dialogue in our writing?
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Draw a sloth hiking up a mountain with a big backpack and wearing hiking boots.
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How can you ensure your dialogue is realistic and believable?
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What do we call the punctuation marks used to set off dialogue?
  • Brackets
  • Dashes
  • Quotation marks
  • Parentheses
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When writing a new paragraph of dialogue for a different speaker in the same conversation what should you do?
  • Add a comma to separate the two speakers.
  • Start a new line with an indent and begin with opening quotes.
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What are some common words used as Dialogue tags?
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Where does the Dialogue tag come in relation to Quotation Marks?
  • Before or after them depending on how it is used.
  • It doesn't matter.
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How does the dialogue between characters in a story help to develop the plot and reveal their personalities?

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