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Writing a paragraph

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What is a sentence?
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Writing a Paragraph for ELL Students
Paragraphs help organize ideas into meaningful chunks. ELL students should use a simple sentence structure and vocabulary. Sentences should be linked together with transition words. Transition words: and, again, too, finally, next, lastly.
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Transition words for ELL
Contrast Transition Words: these words are used when contrasting two different ideas. Examples include: however, in contrast, on the other hand, nevertheless, on the contrary.
Addition Transition Words: these words are used when adding additional information to a sentence. Examples include: in addition, moreover, similarly, furthermore, and also.
Sequence: Words that show the order in which ideas are presented. Examples: first, second, third, next, last.
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Write an example of a transition word
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Writing a paragraph ELL
Sentence: A group of words that expresses a complete thought.
Topic Sentence: The main idea of a paragraph.
Supporting Details: Specific facts, examples, and details that support the topic sentence.
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What do you think is the best way to improve your writing skills in English?
  • Practice using English words in your everyday activities.
  • Read books in English.
  • Watch shows and movies in English.
  • Attend an English language class.
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Did you know?
Using a 3-step process (prompt, plan, and proof) can help you develop their writing skills. Using a graphic organizer, such as a Venn diagram, to organize ideas can help plan your ideas before writing a paragraph.
8. Open question
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Why do we write paragraphs?
We write paragraphs because______
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Fix this sentence:
i love WEEKENDS because i get to sleep in late?
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Fix this sentence:
ms p is the best teacher ever...
11. Open question
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Fix this sentence:
onan and Rudy love to talk!
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Fix this sentence:
the girls in class like chisme?
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Can you write 3 sentences describing your favorite hobby or activity?
My favorite activity is _________ because ________.

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