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Y9 T2 Writing Practice

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1. Open question
180 seconds
Introduce yourself and tell me what sports/games/activities you like.
2. Open question
180 seconds
How often do you play/do your favourite sport/activity?
3. Drawings
450 seconds
Draw a monkey with a disco ball spinning on its tail
4. Open question
120 seconds
What is one thing that you found difficult about writing during in the Term 2 Exam?
5. Open question
180 seconds
Explain how to play your favourite sport. Remember to tell what not to do too!
6. Open question
180 seconds
What equipment do you need to play your favourite sport?
7. Drawings
150 seconds
Meme Drop
8. Word cloud
60 seconds
List as many Frequency and Sequence words as you can!
9. Open question
220 seconds
Write a sentence using a frequency AND sequence word.
10. Drawings
180 seconds
Draw something to make Bu Anstey laugh....
11. Poll
60 seconds
What does 'orang' mean?
  • people
  • team
  • play
  • sport
12. Open question
120 seconds
How many people in a team? Write a sentence in Indonesian
13. Word cloud
30 seconds
What is the Indonesian word for 'famous'?
14. Open question
120 seconds
What sport is famous in Australia? Write an Indonesian sentence.
15. Drawings
240 seconds
Free Draw!!

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