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Year 8 Symptoms and Cures of the Black Death

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In just a few words, can you describe the Black Death?
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Symptoms of the Black Death included fever, fatigue, vomiting, and skin lesions. People attempted to cure the Black Death with treatments such as bloodletting, herbs, and ointments. Unfortunately, most treatments were ineffective and the Black Death wiped out millions of people.
The Black Death: Symptoms and Cures
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Bubonic Plague: A bacterial infection caused by Yersinia pestis, which is spread through contact with infected fleas and other animals. Symptoms include fever, chills, and swollen lymph nodes. Pneumonic Plague: A more severe form of the plague caused by the same bacteria. It can spread through the air and is highly contagious. Symptoms include coughing, chest pain, and difficulty breathing. Treatment: Even though there is no known cure for the plague, it is treatable with antibiotics. Early diagnosis and treatment can improve the chances of recovery.
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The Black Death, a pandemic which wiped out an estimated 75-200 million people in Europe during the 14th century, is believed to have been caused by Yersinia pestis, a type of bacteria found in fleas living on wild rodents. It is believed that the Black Death helped create the first official quarantine, which was established in the city of Ragusa (modern-day Dubrovnik, Croatia) in 1377. The Black Death is believed to have been spread by 'miasma', or 'bad air' in Italian, which was thought to be poisonous air caused by decaying matter.
Did you know?
5. Open question
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Work together in pairs: What were some of the preventative measures people took to avoid getting the Black Death?
6. Personalised Feedback
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What were the symptoms of the Black Death and what were some of the attempted cures during that time?
7. Open question
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Work together in pairs: What were some of the common cures people tried to use to treat the Black Death in the 1300s?
8. Drawings
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Brain break: Draw a banana wearing a superhero cape and mask, flying through the air like a superhero.
9. Poll
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Which part of the body did buboes typically appear during an infection with the Black Death?
  • Back and chest
  • Face and hands
  • Groin, armpits, and neck
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What was believed to be a primary cause of the Black Death during medieval times?
  • Miasma (bad air)
  • Witchcraft
  • Fleas on rats
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What was the most common symptom of the Black Death?
  • Coughing
  • Fever
  • Buboes (swollen lymph nodes)
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Which type of plague caused the Black Death?
  • Bubonic plague
  • Septicemic plague
  • Pneumonic plague
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How was the bubonic plague transmitted?
  • Through flea bites
  • Through contaminated water
  • Through respiratory droplets
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What is believed to be an effective cure for the Black Death in medieval times?
  • Bloodletting
  • Herbal remedies
  • Prayer and religious rituals
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Which region was most affected by the Black Death?
  • Africa
  • Europe
  • Asia

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