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Name one amazing ability that animals have that humans do not?
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Some animals can 'see' using sound waves. Some animals can change color to camouflage. Some animals can even detect earthquakes!
Amazing Animal Abilities
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Instinct: the natural, innate behavior of a species, encoded by its genes and passed down through generations. Mimicry: the ability of one species to imitate the behavior of another species, often to gain a survival advantage. Camouflage: the ability of an animal to blend into its environment by changing the color of its skin or fur.
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Which animal do you think is the most incredible?
  • Eagle - can fly high and see far
  • Chameleon - can change color to blend into its environment
  • Elephant - has an incredible memory
  • Octopus - can squeeze into tight spaces
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Star-nosed moles can detect prey as small as a grain of sand. A giraffe can clean its ears with its 21-inch tongue. A honey badger can survive the venom of some of the world's deadliest snakes.
Fun Facts: Did you know?
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What abilities do animals have that humans do not?
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What is one special ability that an animal has that is mentioned in the text?
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What evidence did you find to support your argument?
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What was your overall conclusion about animal abilities?

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