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What is an Authors Claim?
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An author's claim is their opinion or position on a subject. It is their main argument and the point they are trying to support. A claim should be supported with evidence or facts.
What is a Claim?
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Claim: A statement that an author makes about a topic that can be backed up with evidence. Supporting Evidence: Evidence or facts used to support an author's claim. Counterclaim: A claim made by another author that contradicts or disagrees with the original claim.
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What evidence can the author use to support the claim?
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Do you have to agree with the author's claim?
  • yes
  • no
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What is an author's claim?
  • The main point or argument the author is making in their work
  • A claim made by the reader about the author
  • A statement of fact
  • An opinion about a character
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What evidence can authors provide to support their claims?
  • Facts, statistics, examples, and personal experience
  • Emotions and feelings
  • Random thoughts and ideas
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What should readers do with an author's claim?
  • Consider it carefully and evaluate its strength based on supporting evidence.
  • Ignore it completely without any thought or analysis.
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Can an author's claim change over time?
  • Yes, it can change as new information is discovered or different perspectives are gained.
  • No, authors never change their original claims once they have been published.

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