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Can you name one way that the fossil layer has changed in recent years?
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Fossil layers tell us about past climates, geological events, and extinct species. Changes in fossil layers over time can tell us about how the Earth is constantly changing. Fossil layers can be used to date rocks and other geological materials.
Change in Fossil Layers
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Fossil layer: A layer of sedimentary rock that contains an accumulation of fossils. It is formed over time as sediments are deposited over the fossils and new sediments are formed. Change: Anything that happens that alters or affects something, often in a significant way. Paleontology: The scientific study of fossils, their age, composition, and other characteristics.
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What do you think is the cause of the changes in the fossil layer?
  • Climate change
  • Natural disasters
  • Evolution of species
  • Human activities
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Fossil layers can be a great way to tell the age of Earth's surface. By looking at the different layers scientists can estimate how old a certain rock formation is. Fossil layers can be different colors. The colors are determined by the type of rocks in the layer and the amount of minerals that were present when it was formed. Fossils can change over time. As the environment changes, the types of fossils found in the layers can change as well.
Did you know?
6. Open question
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What are the different layers of fossils?
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How can fossils help us understand the history of Earth?
8. Open question
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What have you learned about the changes in the fossil layer?
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How can you apply this knowledge to your own life?

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