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Can you name a type of poem that has seven lines?
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Diamante poems are a type of poem that are shaped like diamonds. They are made up of 7 lines with two words in each line. The first and last words in the poem can describe the same thing or can describe the opposite of the topic.
What is a Diamante Poem?
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Diamante Poem: A poem that is shaped like a diamond and typically follows a specific format. It compares and contrasts two different ideas and is often used to describe a person or thing. Rhyme Scheme: The pattern of rhymes used in a poem. In a diamante poem, the words can either rhyme or not rhyme.
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Dark Dawn
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Work together in pairs: What are two antonyms you can write about
8. Drawings
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Brain break: Draw a monster chasing a truck full of bananas
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What is the structure of a diamante poem?
  • A diamond shape with 7 lines
  • A circle shape with 5 lines
  • A square shape with 6 lines
  • An oval shape with 4 lines
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What types of words are used in a diamante poem?
  • Opposites or related words
  • Random words
  • Jumbled words

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