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grade 5 puberty and reproduction


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What is one word to describe puberty?
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As you enter 5th grade, your body will start to change. This is called puberty. You may notice changes in your body, behavior and moods. It's normal! Reproduction is when two people create a baby. This happens when adults love each other.
Puberty & Reproduction
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Puberty: The stage of life when a person becomes capable of sexual reproduction. It is marked by physical changes like body growth, increased hormone levels, and the development of secondary sex characteristics. Reproduction: The process by which organisms produce new individuals of their own kind. Reproduction is essential for organisms to continue their species. Secondary sex characteristics: The physical characteristics of a person that are not directly related to their reproductive organs, but are instead related to the sex hormones present during puberty. Examples include facial hair in boys and breast development in girls.
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There is a strong correlation between the age of puberty and the amount of time a person spends in sunlight. Girls who do not get enough vitamin D may experience puberty later than those who do. The hormone responsible for the development of secondary sexual characteristics during puberty is called testosterone. It is present in both males and females, but is produced in higher levels in males. The average age for a girl to start her first period is 12.5 years old, but it can vary significantly depending on a variety of factors, such as diet, exercise, and genetics.
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What are the main changes that occur in boys and girls during puberty?
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Work together in pairs: Q: What are some of the physical changes that occur during puberty?
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What is puberty?
  • A type of food
  • A type of sport
  • The time when your body changes and you become an adult
  • A medical condition
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What is menstruation?
  • A type of exercise
  • Bleeding from the uterus that occurs approximately once a month in females who have reached puberty
  • A disease caused by bacteria or viruses
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What is fertilization?
  • When female eggs start developing inside her womb
  • When a sperm cell joins with an egg cell inside the female body to create a pregnancy
  • When male sperm cells start producing inside his testes

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