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1) Participate via phone (will be tracked so enter real name) 2) Write all answers and activities on paper, and turn in. 3) Worksheet on external influences, must listen to lecture, and complete as homework, printer not working
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Please enter music suggestions for the pep rally below
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External Influence: The impact on an individual or group from outside sources. Positive Influence: An influence that encourages someone to make positive choices. Negative Influence: An influence that encourages someone to make negative choices.
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What is one thing that can influence us from the outside world?
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6. Open question
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Name one thing from social media that influences you
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Intrinsic motivation involves doing something because it's personally rewarding to you. Extrinsic motivation involves doing something because you want to earn a reward or avoid punishment.
Intrinsic and Extrinsic
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9. Open question
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What does intrinsic mean?
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What does extrinsic Mean?
  • Internal motivation for reward or punishment
  • External motivation to impulsively quit your job
  • External motivation for reward or punishment
11. Open question
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Define External Influences in your own words
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External influence means the impact of an external event, such as culture, family, friends, tradition, religion and the media (including social media)
External Influence
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Understand the types of external influences. Know the difference between positive and negative influences. Learn strategies to handle external influences.
Handling External Influence
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Draw a picture of a cat wearing a hat, standing on a bat.
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How should I handle external influence?
  • Ignore it
  • Listen to it
  • Discuss it with a trusted adult or friend
  • Research it online
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In Ancient Greece, people believed that gods were a source of external influence. Studies suggest that a person’s friends are the most influential external factor in their life. Certain animals, like bees and flocks of birds, are known to be influenced by external forces. Christianity is a source of external influence
Fun facts:
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Draw how you handle external influences.
18. Open question
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Exit Ticket 1: Summarize Intrinsic
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Exit Ticket 2: Name an external influence
20. Open question
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Exit Ticket 3: Describe one type of influence
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22. Open question
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Give one example of a healthy boundary
23. Open question
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What is a boundary? Why are they important?
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Name a quality of a good friend
26. Open question
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Why is it important to have genuine friends?
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What is a toxic friend?
  • Someone who doesn't care about you
  • Someone who listens when you speak
  • Someone who supports and uplifts you
29. Open question
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What do you do when you know you have a toxic friend?

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