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Curipod lesson about topic "podcasts". #1-4

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1. Word cloud
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What kind of podcasts do or would you listen to?
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Podcasts are audio programs available for streaming or download. Most podcasts are free and can be accessed from a variety of platforms. Podcasts can be educational, entertaining, or informative.
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Streaming: A method of delivering audio or video content over the internet without requiring the user to download the file. Platforms: A service that provides a delivery system for online content such as audio or video. Educational: Content that is intended to provide knowledge or skills related to a particular topic.
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There are over 700,000 active podcasts in the world. The most popular podcast is 'The Joe Rogan Experience' with nearly 200 million downloads per month. The first podcast was created in 2004 by former MTV VJ Adam Curry.
Fun facts:
5. Open question
270 seconds
Work together in pairs: What are some of the benefits of listening to podcasts?
6. Poll
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What is a podcast?
  • A form of radio show
  • A type of radio station
  • A type of music
  • A type of TV show
7. Poll
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What type of content can you find on a podcast?
  • Comedic sketches
  • News reports
  • Movie reviews
  • Political debates
8. Drawings
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What do you need to listen to a podcast?
9. Poll
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How do you find a podcast?
  • On the radio
  • In the newspaper
  • On the internet
  • In a library

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