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Recall one "important" syntactic category
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Preposition Scavenger Hunt
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Preposition Scavenger Hunt
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Preposition Scavenger Hunt
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Preposition Scavenger Hunt
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Preposition Scavenger Hunt
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Enhance comprehension and communication skills by improving the understanding and use of prepositions in English.
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Which preposition is the most common in the English Language?
  • In
  • On
  • At
  • Of
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The preposition 'of' is the most common preposition in the English language. The prepositional phrase 'in spite of' is one of the longest prepositional phrases in English. The preposition 'abaft' is used in nautical contexts and is the only preposition to contain the letter 'b'.
Did you know?
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A preposition is a word that shows the connection between a noun or pronoun and another word in a sentence. They describe the relationship in terms of sequence, space, and logic. E.g. The apple is on the table. The preposition "on" indicates the connection between "apple" and "table." E.g. She took notes during the meeting. The preposition "during" indicates the connection between "notes" and "meeting."
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Prepositions of time show the relationship of time between the nouns and the other parts of a sentence. E.g. He bought a car last year. The preposition "last" indicates the time connection between the subject and the act of buying a "car." School starts on Monday. We will arrive at noon. Her birthday is in May. She'll be here by 7 pm.
Prepositions of Time (Temporal)
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A preposition of place is a preposition that is used to describe the location of something or someone. E.g. I am at home. The preposition "at" indicates the location of the subject. She is in the garden. She knocked at the door. The bill is in my wallet. He left his phone on the table.
Prepositions of Place (Spatial)
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Prepositions of direction describe how a person or thing moves or is directed with respect to other people and things. E.g. James and Issa went to Palawan. The preposition "to" shows the movement of the subject from one place to another. The restaurant is across the bank. She came home from school. She left for the Philippines. He's walking towards me.
Prepositions of Direction (Directional)
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Preposition: A word or phrase that links nouns, pronouns, or phrases to other words within a sentence. Object of the Preposition: The noun, pronoun, or phrase that follows a preposition and is affected by it. Prepositional Phrase: A group of words consisting of a preposition, its object, and any modifiers of the object.
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Draw: The ball is on the table.
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Draw: The ball is in the box.
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Draw: The ball is among the boxes.
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In 2-3 words, how does a preposition strengthen a relationship?
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Find three different pieces of writing from the internet: a news article, blog post, or social media post. Highlight all the prepositions used in each piece of writing. Analyze the use of prepositions in each piece of writing. For each one, answer the following questions: What types of prepositions are used? (e.g. spatial, temporal, directional) How do the prepositions contribute to the overall meaning of the text? Are there any instances where the use of a different preposition could have changed the meaning of the text? What impact do the prepositions have on the tone and style of the text? Write a brief summary of your findings. In your summary, reflect on the importance of prepositions in everyday language and how understanding their use can enhance our communication skills.

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