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present simple vs. present continuous


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What is the difference between present simple and present continuous? Jaký je rozdíl mezi present simple a present continuous?
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Present Simple is used to talk about habits and routines. Present Continuous describes actions that are happening at the moment. Present Simple is used for permanent states, facts and general truths.
Present Simple vs. Present Continuous
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The Present Continuous form of a verb is made with the present tense of the verb ‘to be’ and the present participle of the main verb. In English, we usually use the present simple to talk about fixed arrangements, such as a timetable or a schedule. In the Present Simple, some verbs are not usually used in the continuous form because they do not show actions.
Fun facts:
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When we talk about regular activities we use?
  • present simple
  • present continuous
  • I don't know
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When we talk about something that are happening now, we use?
  • Present simple
  • Present continuous

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