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Our Puberty Lesson Rules
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You will be moved $5 fine Missing part of your break time Missing all of your break time
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Do you agree to follow these rules today?
  • Yes
  • No
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Which comes first?
  • Emotional intimacy
  • Physical Intimacy
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intimacy means closeness. Being intimate with another is about connecting with someone, emotionally, socially, spiritually, or sometimes physically. “intimacy” can be used to refer to sexual activity and possibly sexual intercourse, a time when people are physically very close and may also feel very connected, emotionally and spiritually. we each have the right to control our own bodies. There are lots of ways we can show someone we care about them without getting physical. And if we really care about someone, we don’t pressure them to do something they don’t want to do.
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as people go through the changes of puberty, the sex hormones their body produces causes them to have increased sexual feelings. They may feel very attracted to another person and want to be physically close to them. Their bodies may feel shivery or warm and tingly when they think of that person. They might think about that person all the time and believe they’re in love with them. People can feel sexually attracted to other people without being close to them in other ways. the cards outline behaviours that people may or may not engage in when they are in an intimate relationship with someone to whom they are sexually attracted. discuss the behaviours and decide where they think each one would lie on a continuum ranging from most intimate to least intimate.
7. Open question
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What was the LEAST intimate behaviour?
8. Open question
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Why did you decide it was the LEAST intimate?
9. Open question
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What was the MOST intimate behaviour?
10. Open question
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Why did you decide it was the MOST intimate?
11. Open question
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What signs does our body give us if a level of intimacy is not okay for us?
12. Open question
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How do two people who are in a relationship decide what kinds of intimate things to do?
13. Open question
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What happens if one person wants to do something intimate and the other person doesn’t?
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“Yes” means “yes” “No” means “no” “Maybe” does not mean “yes” You can change your mind at any time and this must be respected If you didn’t consent and something happened that you didn’t want to, tell a trusted adult as soon as possible, or visit Safe to talk.
15. Open question
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Explain how consent was asked for and given in the video
16. Open question
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How can we tell if the other person feels comfortable or uncomfortable?
17. Open question
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How do we let someone else know what we consent to doing?
18. Open question
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How do we let someone else know we DONT consent to things?
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in New Zealand, it is a crime to have sexual intercourse under the age of 16. The intention of the law is to protect young people from exploitation or abuse.

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