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You've been observing your teacher all year long perhaps you "know them" better than they think...
So you think you know me like that?
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I'm literally crying in class. What am I crying about?
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Under the Articles of Confederation, the United States had a weak central government. Some leaders called for a convention to review the Articles. The call for a strong national government increased after Shays’s Rebellion.
Chapter 10.1
4. Open question
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What were the weaknesses of the central government under the Articles of Confederation?
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Instead of just fixing the Articles of Confederation, the delegates at the Constitutional Convention decided to write a new Constitution. The Great Compromise resolved conflicts over representation in the government.
Chapter 10.2
6. Open question
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How was a new plan of government developed at the Constitutional Convention?
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The Constitution divides power among three branches of government—the legislative, the executive, and the judicial.
Chapter 10.3
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What are the powers of each of the three branches of government?
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One word to describe this chapter so far...
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Work on social studies 10.4 in your packet. Done Early? Must Do: Work on p. 450 #1-14 Choice: Pick on #15 or #16
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