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science variables, control group, hypothesis


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What is a hypothesis?
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Scientists use a process called the Scientific Method to test out their ideas and beliefs. Variables are the things that change in an experiment. The Control Group is the group that doesn't change. The Hypothesis is the scientist's prediction of what will happen in the experiment.
The Scientific Method
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Variable: Any factor that can change or be changed in an experiment. Control Group: A group of participants in an experiment that does not receive the treatment being tested. Hypothesis: A possible explanation for a phenomenon that can be tested through experimentation.
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In a science experiment, which element is the most important?
  • Variables
  • Control Group
  • Hypothesis
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In a scientific experiment, the control group is the group that is not exposed to the variable being tested. A hypothesis is a prediction of what the outcome of an experiment might be. Scientists sometimes conduct experiments with a double-blind control group, which means that neither the participants nor the scientists know which group is the control and which is the experimental group.
Did you know?
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Why is it important to have a control group when conducting a science experiment?
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What is the purpose of establishing a hypothesis before conducting a science experiment?
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What is the purpose of having a control group in a scientific experiment, and how does it help in drawing accurate conclusions about the experiment's results?
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What variables in a science experiment do you think are the most important?
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What are three different ways of controlling variables in a science experiment?

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