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What is the main purpose of a treasure map?
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Treasure maps are special maps that help you find hidden objects, like pirate treasure! They often have clues and pictures that help you figure out where the treasure is located. These maps are a fun way to explore and discover new places!
Exploring with Treasure Maps
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Legend: A legend is a story or map that explains the history or location of a treasure. Pirate's Map: A pirate's map is a type of treasure map that is used to locate a buried treasure, usually left behind by pirates. X Marks the Spot: A phrase used to mark the exact location of a hidden treasure on a map.
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The first known treasure map was created by the Greek Oracle of Delphi in the 6th century BC. Due to the difficulty in deciphering some treasure maps, many of them still remain unsolved. In the 19th century, some treasure hunters used specially designed divining rods to help locate buried treasure.
Did you know?
5. Open question
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Work together in pairs: What is the most important thing to remember when using a treasure map to find a hidden treasure?
6. Personalised Feedback
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If you found a treasure map, where would you start looking for the treasure and why?
7. Open question
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Work together in pairs: What is the most important step you should take when creating a treasure map?
8. Drawings
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Brain break: Draw yourself as a superhero fighting a shape-shifting volcano monster.
9. Poll
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What is a treasure map?
  • A map that leads to hidden treasure
  • A map used for navigation only
  • A map that shows different landmarks
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What are some common things you might see on a treasure map?
  • Roads and highways only
  • X marks the spot, compass rose, landmarks
  • Different shades of green
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What do pirates usually search for using a treasure map?
  • Gold, silver and jewels
  • Food and water supplies
  • Weapons
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In what type of places might you find a hidden treasure in real life?
  • Hospitals or schools
  • Beaches, forests or underwater caves
  • Factories or office buildings
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What is the name of the famous book where pirates look for buried treasures?
  • Treasure Island
  • Pirates of Caribbean
  • Lord of Flies

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