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what does the word part "mal" mean?

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what does the word part "mal" mean?
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Understanding the Word Part 'Mal'
The Latin root 'mal' means 'bad, wrong, or ill.' Words using 'mal' often have negative connotations, like 'malcontent' or 'malicious.' Look out for 'mal' when reading or writing to understand the meaning of a word!
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word part: mal
Maladaptive: not adjusted or adapted to an environment or situation in a healthy or constructive way.
Malicious: Bad or evil
Malnourished: state of inadequate or insufficient nutrition
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What does the word part 'mal' mean?
  • Bad or wrong
  • Big or large
  • Good or correct
  • Small or tiny
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Did you know?
Mal can be a prefix, suffix, or a standalone word. It means bad or wrong in Latin. Mal is also the Latin word for a mallow plant, which is a type of marshmallow plant. Mal is also the root word for the French word maladroit, which means clumsy or awkward.
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What is an example of something that has the word 'mal' in its name?
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What does the root word 'mal' mean?
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Write a sentence using one vocabulary word using the word part "mal".

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