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what is photosynthesis and how does it work


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In a few words, what is photosynthesis?
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"I can construct a scientific explanation based on evidence for the role of photosynthesis in the cycling of matter and flow of energy into and out of organisms."
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Photosynthesis is the process plants use to convert sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide into food (glucose). The energy from the sun is absorbed by chlorophyll in the plants' leaves, allowing them to produce glucose.
Photosynthesis: How Plants Turn Sunlight Into Food
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What is the purpose of photosynthesis?
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Photosynthesis actually takes place in two stages and is known as the light reactions and the dark reactions. Photosynthesis is an important part of the global carbon cycle, as it helps to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and convert it into carbohydrates.
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Photosynthesis is the only process on Earth that can convert light energy into chemical energy. When photosynthesis occurs, oxygen is released into the atmosphere. Oxygen makes up 20% of the air we breathe! Some plants can survive in environments with very little light due to their ability to photosynthesize using infrared light!
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Why is photosynthesis important to us and the environment?
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Brain break: Draw a dinosaur driving a race car!
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Question: What is photosynthesis and how does it work? Clues: • Photosynthesis is a process used by plants and other organisms to convert light energy into chemical energy. • The chemical energy is stored in the form of sugars, which are then used as food for the organism. • The process of photosynthesis involves the use of light energy, carbon dioxide and water. In pairs: Select and solve one of the tasks: A. Work in pairs to create a diagram that explains the process of photosynthesis. B. Write a description of photosynthesis and explain how it works in your own words.
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Work together in pairs: Q: What are the two main components of photosynthesis and how does each contribute to the process?

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