Curipod Courses

Be curious! Learn new ways of using Curiod to spark curiosity in your classroom.

Immersive Reading and Writing

In this course, you will learn how to use Curipod to create immersive quick-write activities in your classroom. We have created a series of immersive lessons. You will learn how to find them, customize them, and use them in the classroom. We will also explain the pedagogics behind the lessons. By creating an immersive context and giving the students a clear goal and outcome, we make reading and writing super engaging.

Open course

Texas STAAR test

Learn how to use Curipod to prepare your students for STAAR. You will learn to navigate the Curipod STAAR library, how to build your own STAAR prep. material and how Curipod uses AI feedback to enhance your STAAR practice. With AI feedback, students get instant feedback on their SCR and ECR compositions, allowing you to practice multiple times daily. The students also prepare well for the AI grading rubrics in the STAAR test. You will also learn how to use Curipod’s Bilingual Student Support features, such as lesson translation and multi-language feedback.

Open course

Curipod Certified Educator

A basic introduction to Curipod. Learn about the different activity types in Curipod. How to build your own lessons. How to use Curipod in your classroom.

Open course

Curipod ELL and Bilingual support

Learn how to use Curipod with bilingual students in your classroom. Learn how to translate slides in Curipod to any language. Using the AI feedback feature, you will also learn how to give feedback in multiple languages.

Open course

Curipod AI Feedback Expert

Learn to navigate the AI feedback activity in Curipod. With Curipod AI Feedback, you can give instant feedback to any text, drawing, or illustration-based answers from your students in Curipod. You will learn how to build activities and how to set your own feedback prompts and rubrics to give students instant feedback.

Open course

Curipod Student Insight Expert

Learn to navigate the Curipod Student Insight features in Curipod. After you have finished a lesson, you can use Curipod Student Insight to review your student's results. Use AI to compare your students’ answers to your lesson-learning objective. Get a class summary with learnings and misunderstandings, as well as student-specific glow and grow feedback.

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