How to moderate inappropriate students in curipod

The Moderation Tool

Enhance classroom management and control while boosting student engagement with our real-time Moderation Tool, ensuring a respectful and focused classroom environment.

Open the moderation tool

Moderate with the moderation tool

The moderation tool is designed to help teachers maintain a productive and respectful classroom environment with ease. It allows you to monitor, manage, and guide student behavior during class activities. The moderation tool can be used on the same device as you are presenting your lesson on, but also on mobile / tablet devices. It works on all devices that supports a web browser so you do not need to download anything to get started.

When should I use the moderation tool?

Use the moderation when you want to:
- Filter and hide inappropriate student responses
- Force students to rejoin using their real names. This improves the quality of your Curipod lesson reports.
- See what students are writing and working on in real time.
- Coach your students with ease while they are rigorously working on the activities
- See the real names of your students even though only their nicknames are shown on the present window.

How to open the moderation tool

1) When presenting you can find the moderation tool in the live action bar
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2) You can navigate to and enter the PIN code to your lesson.
3) You can scan the QR code from the action bar while presenting to open the moderation tool on your ipad or tablet.

Frequently asked questions

- Can I moderate a Curipod lesson on my ipad?
Answer: Yes absolutely! You can present your lesson on the big screen and scan the QR code to open the moderation view on your ipad.

- Can I moderate a Curipod lesson on two different devices?
Answer: Yes! You can moderate on any device by navigating to and using the same PIN that students use to join your lesson.

- How do I use moderation a Curipod lesson on a BenQ or a Promethean board?
Answer: We suggest you present your Curipod lesson on the board and then go to: and open the moderation tool on your personal laptop.

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