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Review - Voter Influences


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The Review
Voter Influences
2. Word cloud
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In a few words, why is it important to vote?
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Voting is an important part of democracy. People are influenced by their peers, the media, and politicians. Your vote matters!
Voter Influences: What You Need to Know
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Democracy: A system of government where citizens have the right to vote and speak their opinion. Peer Influence: The impact that close friends, family, and other people in one's age group have on their decisions. Media Influence: The impact of news outlets, social media, and other forms of communication on public opinion.
5. Poll
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Which do you think is the most influential factors when it comes to voting?
  • Location
  • Social Class
  • Age
  • The Media
6. Drawings
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Drawing task: Location as a voting influence
7. Open question
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What do you think is the most effective way for political campaigns to reach voters?
8. Drawings
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Draw a cartoon pizza with arms, legs, googly eyes, and a big smile.
9. Drawings
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Drawing task: Age as a voting influence
10. Open question
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How do you think your own views have been influenced by those around you?
11. Drawings
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Drawing task: Media as a voting influence
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