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1. Poll
60 seconds
The IS model is represent the .................equilibrium of the economy
  • general
  • partial
  • goods market
  • money
2. Poll
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............. depends on the rate of interest and it is inversely related to interest rate
  • dd for money
  • ss of money
  • investment
  • production
3. Poll
50 seconds
Which of the following statements accurately describes the consumption function?
  • income, savings, price and consumption
  • income and consumption
  • price, savings and consumption
  • income, price and savings
4. Poll
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Which of the following statements is an accurate description of propensity to consume
  • additional income that gets spent on consumption
  • ratio of the consumption to income
  • tendency of a consumer to consume more than usual
  • actual level of income at which is it equal to the consumption expenditure
5. Poll
90 seconds
Which of the following steps can be taken to increase the aggregate demand?
  • Increasing the bank rate
  • Increasing the cash reserve ratio
  • Selling of the government securities by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)
  • NONE of
6. Poll
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What measures can be used to correct the inflationary gap under the monetary policy?
  • Reducing the availability of credit
  • Cutting the government expenditure
  • Increasing taxation
  • none

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