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Acquiring New Lands

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American Imperialism
Acquiring New Lands
2. Poll
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Who won the Spanish-American War?
  • Spain
  • Cuba
  • United States
3. Word cloud
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What new lands were acquired by the US after the Spanish-American War?
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controlled by the military until 1900 1900 - Foraker Act - ended military control president of the US would appoint a governor 1917 - Puerto Ricans given United States citizenship allowed to elect their own government
Puerto Rico
5. Poll
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What state is closest to Cuba?
  • Texas
  • California
  • Florida
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officially independent after the war, it's occupied by US troops many Cubans feared the US would be just like Spain US military did a lot to help Cuba - improved farms, sanitation, and education
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1901 - US forced Cuba to add this amendment to its Constitution Cuba couldn't make treaties that might limit its independence the US could intervene in Cuba the US could establish naval stations in Cuba (Guantanamo Bay)
Platt Amendment
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Cubans protest the Platt Amendment but eventually give in 1903 - Cuba becomes a protectorate of the US
9. Open question
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What is a protectorate?
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The Philippines are located closest to what country?
  • US
  • China
  • Bolivia
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Filipinos are angry after the Treaty of Paris they thought they would be given their independece 1899 - led by Emelio Aguinaldo, the Filipinos revolt against the US white US soldier looked at the Filipinos as inferior
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some African-American soldiers deserted and joined the Filipino cause It took three years to put down the revolt 20,000 Filipinos died fighting for independence 4,000 Americans died cost $400 million - 20 times what the US paid for the Philippines
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US imperialists saw the Philippines as the gateway to ___________.
  • Hawaii
  • China
  • Europe
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China was weak other countries were creating spheres of influence in China the US feared that China would be carved into colonies and US traders would be shut out
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John Hay is the US Secretary of State Hay issues the Open Door Notes to protect US interests in China Hay sent the notes to the countries in China He asked that all countries have equal trading rights in China - the other countries accept Hay never talked to China
Hay's Open Door Notes
16. Word cloud
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Using one word, how do you think the Chinese might be feeling?
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Chinese nationalists formed secret societies pledging to get rid of foreigners the Boxers were one of these secret societies there name comes from using martial arts the Boxers killed hundreds of missionaries and foreigners
Boxer Rebellion
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August 1900 - troops from other countries including the US are sent to China to put down the rebellion thousands of Chinese people are killed the rebellion is squashed in two months Hay sends another set of notes to make sure trade remains open
19. Drawings
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Draw a robot dancing with a pizza

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