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American Revolution Causes


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What are three words to describe the causes of the American Revolution?
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Taxation without representation: The British imposed taxes on the colonists even though they lacked representation in the British Parliament. Restrictions on trade: The British imposed restrictions on the colonists' ability to trade with other countries. Violation of rights: Britain had violated the colonists' right to self-governance. }
Causes of the American Revolution
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Taxes: Taxes were imposed by the British government on the American colonies without their consent. This included the Stamp Act and the Townshend Acts which increased the cost of everyday items. Representation: The American colonists did not have any representatives in the British Parliament and were not allowed to vote on the laws that were passed down to them. Rights: The colonists believed that they were entitled to the same rights as British citizens, such as the right to trial by jury, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion.
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What do you think was the most important cause of the American Revolution?
  • The French and Indian War
  • The Stamp Act
  • The Boston Tea Party
  • George Washington's Leadership
  • Other
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The American Revolution began in Massachusetts and was the first war in the world to be fought over democratic ideals. The American Revolution was the first of its kind to be fought without foreign assistance. The British had a secret plan at the beginning of the American Revolution to recruit Native Americans to fight with them.
Did you know?
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What were the major causes of the American Revolution?
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What were the effects of the American Revolution on individuals and groups?
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What were some of the main reasons that the American colonists decided to declare independence from Great Britain?
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How did the actions of individuals and groups lead to the American Revolution?
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What are the lasting effects of the American Revolution?

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