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Author's Purpose


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Author's Purpose
An author's purpose is the reason why they create a book, article, or other work. Authors may write to entertain, inform, or persuade readers. As a reader, you can identify an author's purpose by examining the word choice, tone, and other features of the text.
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What was the author's purpose? (Persuade, Inform, Entertain)
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Examples of things usually designed to persuade auidences include:
advertisements speeches reviews
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The first Groundhog Day was celebrated in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania on 2 February 1887. At the time just a small group of men, known as The Groundhog Club's Inner Circle, watched. Today when Punxsutawny Phil looks for his shadow on Gobbler's Knob, he does so to a crowd of nearly 30,000 people. Since 1887, Punxsutawney Phil has seen his shadow 108 times (as of 2023) predicting a long winter. He has only ever predicted 20 early springs. According to meterologists, that makes this groundhog's weather predictions accurate about 39% of the time.
  • To Inform
  • To Entertain
  • To Persuade
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Examples of things usually designed to inform audiences include:
research papers textbooks biographies
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What is the author’s purpose?
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Examples of things usually designed to entertain audiences include:
short stories/novels plays comics
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EXIT TICKET: What is the author's purpose in writing a biography about a historical figure?

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