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What is the transfer of heat using a liquid or gas?
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Convection is the process of heat transfer through the movement of a fluid (liquid or gas) When heated, the fluid expands and becomes less dense, causing it to rise. This creates a current of heated fluid that carries heat energy from one place to another. Convection is most effective in liquids and gases.
Heat Transfer by Convection
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Convection is used in the design of a variety of devices, such as heat exchangers, solar collectors, engines, and more. Convection is responsible for the transfer of heat from the hot surface of the Earth to the cooler atmosphere above it. Convection can occur naturally due to the presence of a temperature gradient or artificially, such as by forced convection.
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What is the difference between convection and conduction?
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Convection currents are the movement of heat from one place to another through the circulation of fluids. Convection occurs as warmer fluids rise and cooler fluids sink. This creates a cycle that spreads heat energy in a fluid.
Convection Currents
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Can you provide an example of convection currents in the real world?
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How does convection contribute to heat transfer in our daily lives?
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What do you think is the most important concept to understand about convection?
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What have you learned about convection currents that can help you in everyday life?

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