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Crime Scene Inference


Curipod lesson about topic "Making Inferences with supporting evidence"

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1. Poll
30 seconds
Who kidnapped the principal?
  • Randy Murphy
  • Rex Jones
  • Sally Zhou
  • Rhonda Moss
  • Brent Fidela
  • Bo Masters
2. Open question
180 seconds
From the information presented, what can you conclude about who kidnapped the principal? What details support your answer?
3. Slide
180 seconds
Randy had the motive (anger over the filthy the office he constantly had to clean), no alibi, and you can infer that he has access to the keys because he is the custodian.
So who did it?
4. Poll
20 seconds
Would you be able to teach someone else how to make an inference and find text evidence to support their answer?
  • I could do that! 10 out of 10
  • With More Practice
  • Help Ms. Barron

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