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Eleven -Sandra Cisneros

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Eleven is a short story by Sandra Cisneros, published in 1991. The story follows Rachel, a young girl about to turn eleven, as she struggles to come to terms with her changing identity. The story is a coming of age tale, exploring the sadness of growing up and the joy of creating a new identity.
Eleven by Sandra Cisneros
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Magical Realism: A literary style in which magical elements are blended into the real world to create an alternate reality. Often used by Sandra Cisneros in her works. Chicana Feminism: A form of feminism that is connected with the experiences of Mexican-American women in the United States. Literary Postmodernism: A movement in literature that emphasizes the importance of the individual and rejects traditional values, beliefs, and structures.
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Sandra Cisneros is a member of the Macondo Writers' Workshop, founded by author Gabriel García Márquez. Cisneros is a founding member of the Latino Writers Collective, which was founded in 1982. Sandra Cisneros wrote a play in 2001 called 'Santos & Santos' which was performed at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago.
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What is the narrator's name in 'Eleven'?
  • Olivia
  • Sophie
  • Rachel
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What does Rachel receive on her birthday from her teacher?
  • An ugly red sweater
  • A new book bag
  • A pair of socks and a scarf
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At the end of the story, how does Rachel feel about turning eleven?
  • Sad and disappointed.
  • No different than before.
  • Excited and happy.
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Who is the author of 'Eleven'?
  • J.K. Rowling
  • Sandra Cisneros
  • Stephen King
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'Eleven' takes place in what type of setting?
  • Park
  • Home
  • School
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How does Sandra Cisneros' writing make you feel?
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In one word, describe the writing style of "Eleven" by Sandra Cisneros.
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What messages does Sandra Cisneros want to convey in her writing?
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What connections can you draw between Sandra Cisneros's writing and your own life experiences?
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Remember when you were eleven years old. Describe this time. What were you feeling?
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How does the main character's perspective on life evolve throughout the story and what events trigger this change?
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Brain break: Sure! Here's one: Draw a happy flower holding a sign that says "I'm cozy!"

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