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1. Word cloud
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In one word, describe the feeling of completing an essay?
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Essay Writing for 12th Grade Students
Understand the essay prompt and assignment guidelines. Develop a thesis statement that answers the prompt. Organize your essay with an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.
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Essay writing
Essay: A piece of writing that serves to express an opinion, explain an idea, or provide an argument on a particular topic
Outline: A plan of action for an essay, usually consisting of an introduction, body, and conclusion
Thesis Statement: A statement that expresses the main idea of an essay and serves to guide the essay and keep the writing focused
4. Poll
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What is the most important factor for a successful essay?
  • Organization of ideas
  • Clarity of writing style
  • Depth of research
  • Proper use of grammar
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Did you know?
Essay writing was first used in 1580 by Michel de Montaigne in his book, 'Essays'. The original purpose of essay writing was to provide a platform for philosophical, religious, and political debates. The term 'essay' comes from the French verb ‘essayer’, which means ‘to try’ or ‘to attempt’.
6. Open question
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What strategies could you use to make your essay stand out in a crowd?
7. Open question
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What tips could you give to your peers for writing a compelling essay?
8. Personalised Feedback
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When crafting an essay, how would you approach structuring your introduction to engage the reader and provide a clear thesis statement?
9. Open question
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What techniques have you used in the past to make your essays more engaging?
10. Open question
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What challenges have you faced when writing an essay?

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