Exploring the life of plants


Activities that allow students to ask questions and make observations about plants. What makes up th

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1. Title & media
60 seconds
Exploring the life of plants
How to ask scientific questions and plan enquiries
2. Bullets
60 seconds
Ask the tree some questions about how it lives
  • We will have 5 minutes to ask the tree anything about how it grows and how it stays alive
  • We will vote for the most exciting question we want to know the answer to
  • We will talk about the questions and answer them as a group
3. Q&A
450 seconds
Q: What questions would you ask this tree about how it grew and how it stays alive?
4. Bullets
60 seconds
Everyone draws a picture of a plant
  • Everyone has 5 mimutes to draw a picture of a plant
  • We will look through all the plant drawings and make some observations about them
5. Drawings
360 seconds
Q: Everyone draws a picture of a plant
6. Bullets
60 seconds
What does a plant need to live and grow?
  • Everyone has 5 minutes to think of things plants require to stay alive and grow
  • Then everyone can vote on what is most important for a plant to stay alive
  • We will look over all the ideas and discuss why they are important to plants or not
7. Open question
450 seconds
Q: What does a plant need to live and grow? Use the picture below to help you.
8. Title & media
60 seconds
Why do plants need light?
9. Q&A
210 seconds
Q: What do you want to know about how plants use light?
10. Title & media
60 seconds
How do plants drink?
11. Drawings
360 seconds
Q: Draw a picture of how plants take in water
12. Q&A
330 seconds
Q: What is the coolest thing you have learnt about plants today?

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