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First Week Intro for Theatre


This is the intro to all classes with expectations, details, and rules, This will be altered for the

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60 seconds
NO PHONES! Grab a 3x5 card Grab a Seat Take out your device Write your name, grade, favorite Musical Show, and 3 random facts about yourself on the card, leave the top right corner empty Lets get to know each other When you hear the sound it's time to quiet down!
My name is Mr. Russell 😀
CLT-Identify three new things you learned today
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60 seconds
Do I have Kids? If so How many?
  • No kids
  • 1
  • 2-3
  • Basket Ball Team
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60 seconds
How old am I?
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • Ancient
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60 seconds
What Sport do I like the most?
  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Golf
  • Basketball
  • What are sports?
5. Word cloud
30 seconds
Where am I from?
6. Word cloud
40 seconds
What experience or education do I have?
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50 seconds
What Form of Theatre do I like the most?
  • Musical
  • Immersive
  • Melodrama
  • Mystery
  • Naturalism
  • Opera
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What Form of Theatre do YOU like the most?
  • Musical
  • Immersive
  • MeloDrama
  • Opera
  • Comedy
  • Other
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A little bit about me...
I am 37 years old I am a Father of 5 kids and 2 dogs I am from California, not Southern Lived in Tn for over a year I love all sports but Baseball is my favorite I have been playing golf for 17 years I love to wheel my Jeep (XJ)
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A little bit more about me...
I have Directed, Starred, or been in more than 20 different plays in my time Former Math and ELA middle school teacher I hold multiple degrees/certs/licenses in many different industry areas I am a former business owner of 15 years I owned and operated a Consulting/Marketing Business I owned and operated a Private Event/Catering Business I've been a Director for 5 years in Musical Theatre
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What is expected, from all of us
CLT-Identify three new things you learned today
12. Open question
160 seconds
What are your expectations for this class?
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14. Word cloud
30 seconds
What Stands out the most with these expectations?
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How this class WILL run
Enjoying your craft is most important, it must be FUN! Attendance (3 Mins) How to enter and exit* Where to sit What materials and supplies are needed How and when are assignments submitted? In-Class and WBL behavior Technology Usages Group Work and Collaborations Emergency Procedures Grading and Assessments Teacher Office Hours Classroom Routines
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Strength Finder and Personality Test Assignment Expectations
Be in Level 2 Effectiveness You may work and talk in your groups Stay in your seat If finished early, help others Ask questions if you do not understand something Be honest about your answers Do not close your results
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60 seconds
Strength Finder Click Registration button at the top right corner Register with your Gmail account at the bottom Start when prompted Any Questions?!
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60 seconds
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60 seconds
Personality Test Start when prompted Answer the 64 questions on the screen Press Score your Test after completion Keep your score and result up do not close! Any Questions?!
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21. Open question
150 seconds
What did you learn about yourself?
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23. Personalised Feedback
180 seconds
What do you know about Theatre Vocab?
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Curtain Call
How Mondays and the rest of the week will work Start with a skit/Two Truths and a Lie
CLT-Identify three new things you learned about your community
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Every Monday we will go over the schedule and CLT for the week This will be done in the classroom D-101 We will use the time as a missing assignment or grade check day We will complete assignments or projects from the week before This will be the best time to practice and hone your craft This will be a time when you can role play skits with other classmates once announcements and weekly update is ready Any 1 to 1 time with the teacher can be done on this day This is the day that sets the tone for the rest of the week, we will also still do starter skits in the classroom
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Atmosphere and Culture of the Classroom Icebreaker
Move about the class meeting new people Use your 3x5 card to trade with someone else and read each others information to another See if there are commonalities Learn something new about at least 2 people Sit back down after you are done and be ready to share what you have learned Find out who has the same Theatre interests as you
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Atmosphere and Culture of the Classroom
Treat this like we are always getting ready for a performance Be diligent in your art Work towards the betterment of the whole production Be kind and courteous to others Never put someone down for trying something new Always be a good audience member Find what part of theatre you are most passionate about
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How are we going to learn effectively, ethically, and culturally, all while being responsible and respectful with our peers?
CLT-Identify three new things you learned about your community
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Curtain Call
Start with a skit/Two Truths and a Lie
CLT-Clearly Define the Procedures from the beginning of class to the end
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Be on time and check Canvas for announcements or changes to where class will be When in doubt go to Choir Room first everyday but Mondays
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Entering and Exiting Class
Get to your designated area quietly and quickly Be Ready to Learn Get ready for your starter skit Be positive and a good audiece with your peers
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Beginning of Class
Always be good audience memeber Be helpful and considerate of others Work as a team and family Participate in the skit and do your best It does not have to be perfect
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During Class
Give full effort to all assignments If you do not participate you will not pass Follow all directions given, be safe and respectful Most assignments are projects with others
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End of Class
The bell does not dismiss the teacher does Clean up your area Put chairs, props, costumes, and any other items back where you got them Complete Exit tickets when assigned
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Materials and Supplies needed
We will have to go and see Will not know what materials are needed until we check it out Anything you have at home that you do not want, BRING IT!
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60 seconds
Seating Arrangments
Choir room seating arrangements Assigned seats in the classroom You can be moved if need be Find like minded people to group up with
37. Open question
120 seconds
How could the real world be applied to classroom behavior and discipline?
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60 seconds
First Assignment
Check the Internet for different theatre games and ideas Look at Canvas for assignment details Work with your group and show me some of your ideas Assignment is due by Friday Canvas classroom now live make sure you can see it This will be for the rest of class until we are done
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Curtain Call
Start with a skit/I...AM...Ironman!
CLT-Indentify all expectations, procedures, discipline and rules of the class
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60 seconds
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Discipline and Behavior
In a Theatre Setting
CLT-Indentify all expectations, procedures, discipline and rules of the class
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Assignment Submission and Set Up
Full name Date Assignment is due Block Mr. Russell (Top right of paper) Assignment title (middle top of paper)
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Discipline Steps
Step 1- Verbal Warning Step 2- Removed from group and activity (if during a skit) Step 3- Written Notice Step 4- Student Code of Conduct Step
44. Open question
300 seconds
Go research discipline and behavior in the theatre setting: What happens to actors if they mess up in the theatre? Who usually implements punishments? What can happen to an employee of a theatre if they misbehave or do not act professionally? Actor? Audience memeber? Theatre Discipline and Behavior
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Personal and School Devices
Very Simple: There are NO phones allowed in the community. Phones and Airpods must be put away and out of sight BEFORE work starts You will only get one warning for any devices not allowed, after that items will be given to me, I will keep until end of the day the first time, any other offenses and I will give to admin and your parent will have to pick it up Will be required to put in bucket everyday once returned
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Collaboration and Group Work
You will be given instructions as to what is expected If group work, you are always a good audience member being positive with your partner or group Most work is graded on participation Projects will be based off group effort and success Skits or shows in front of the class will be graded on a rubric basis and given points dependent on the criterias A person can be removed from a group and be given alternate solo assignments for behavior or group issues Refusal to do any work will result in alternate assignments by yourself
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60 seconds
Emergency Procedures and possible Jobs
In the classroom In the Choir room
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Hours of Operation/Extra Help
There could be requests for more theatre time after school or during certain periods This will be worked out with admin and you will have notice beforehand
49. Poll
30 seconds
How confident are you with the content?
  • Extremely confident 🌟
  • Very confident 😄
  • Moderately confident 😊
  • Slightly confident 😐
  • Not confident at all ☹️
50. Open question
330 seconds
What Questions or Items need to be Clarified? You can now Fill out the Exit Ticket Assignment in Canvas
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End of Day and Week
Finish Theatre Game Assignment Complete Exit Ticket Assignment Research What Shakespeare Siliquoy, Monologue, or piece of a play you want to do Make a list of items we need for the Theatre Flex Work

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