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First Week Intro


This is the intro to all classes with expectations, details, and rules

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60 seconds
NO PHONES! Grab a 3x5 card Grab a Seat Take out your device Write your name, grade, favorite profession, and 3 random facts about yourself on the card, leave the top right corner empty Lets get to know each other When you hear the sound it's time to quiet down!
My name is Mr. Russell 😀
CLT-Identify three new things you learned today
2. Poll
60 seconds
Do I have Kids? If so How many?
  • No kids
  • 1
  • 2-3
  • Basket Ball Team
3. Poll
60 seconds
How old am I?
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • Ancient
4. Poll
60 seconds
What Sport do I like the most?
  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Golf
  • Basketball
  • What are sports?
5. Word cloud
30 seconds
Where am I from?
6. Word cloud
40 seconds
What experience or education do I have?
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A little bit about me...
I am 37 years old I am a Father of 5 kids and 2 dogs I am from California, not Southern Lived in Tn for over a year I love all sports but Baseball is my favorite I have been playing golf for 17 years I love to wheel my XJ, that I built
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A little bit more about me...
I will be teaching Theatre Former Math and ELA middle school teacher I hold 4 degrees/certs in business I am a former business owner of 15 years I owned and operated a Consulting/Marketing Business I owned and operated a Private Event/Catering Business I have ran multiple Restaurants including 5 Taco Bells
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How this class WILL run
Business and Work Atmosphere at all times! Attendance How to enter and exit Where to sit What materials and supplies are needed How and when are assignments submitted? In-Class and WBL behavior Technology Usages Group Work and Collaborations Emergency Procedures Grading and Assessments Teacher Office Hours Classroom Routines
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What is expected, from all of us? What is the Learning Target for Today?
CLT-Identify three new things you learned today
11. Open question
160 seconds
What are your expectations for this class?
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13. Word cloud
30 seconds
What Stands out the most with these expectations?
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Sharing is Caring!
Fill out your card if you have not already Talk in your group about your cards and use them to introduce yourself to your table Get up and introduce yourself to two other students you do not know by trading cards Come back to your groups when done What similarities and common interests did you discover Who would like to SHARE?
CLT-Identify three new things about someone else that you learned today
16. Open question
360 seconds
Describe three things you remember about how this class will operate
Grab your computers and login to for your starter Answer the prompt Lets get ready to start the week
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How Monday's will Work
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Every Monday we will go over the schedule and CLT for the week We will use the time as a missing assignment or grade check day We will complete assignments or projects from the week before This will be a time that income will be paid out from the community, WBL, Projects and Assignments This will be a time when passes and incentives can be purchased
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Treat this like a Business
This is your environment, and what you learn about and how you treat others will define the culture
20. Word cloud
120 seconds
What words or phrases come to mind when you think of the environment and culture of a community?
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Atmosphere and Culture of the Community
Central High Rules of Conduct at all times (non-negotiables) Collaboration and Respect of Peers and Teacher at all times You do not have to like everyone, but you will respect them Build Positive Relationships with One Another Student Centered Learning Future Ready Instruction and Learning Think for yourselves, Ask Questions, Be Curious Real World Understandings and Examples Be Respectful and Mindful of others Property Take Ownership and Responsibility of your Community and Learning Always try to be Nice, Never Fail to be Kind
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Research Assignment
We will be researching Goofy, or ridiculous laws in our Country, you may pick a certain state or go for the entire U.S. Work in your Cohort Find 5 Laws as a group you would like to share I will put up an interactive slide to share a few minutes into the assignment We will finish with this assignment today Participate and have fun, there are some good ones out there Why are some of these laws out there?
23. Open question
360 seconds
What Laws did we Find? Why do some of them even exist?
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Personality Test Assignment Starter Start when prompted Answer the 64 questions on the screen Press Score your Test after completion Keep your score and result to complete the reflection assignment in Canvas If you do not complete it becomes HW, this is your first graded assign
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The more we all follow, the better it will be for everyone
26. Open question
180 seconds
How are we going to learn effectively, ethically, and culturally, all while being responsible and respectful with our peers?
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Procedures for Entering the Class and Starting the Day
Central High Rules of Conduct at all times (non-negotiables) Enter Ready to open and operate your own business Check the Schedule for Goals, Assignments, and Reminders, drop your phone in the bucket if you cannot handle having it on you Check the Screen for your starter and be ready to work on it Help others if they need it Get out any materials or items from previous projects to work on I do not expect you to be quiet, be communicative with others, greet them, stay positive Communicate any issues with me, remember open door policy
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Procedures During Class
Central High Rules of Conduct at all times (non-negotiables) Everything is planned and structured for the best Learning Possible I will always try to explain and be clear with instructions and information but if you do not understand always ask for more clarification Talk and Work with your Cohort for all activities unless otherwise directed When transitioning between tasks we will all strive to make it smooth and coherent, I will let you know when a transition is happening and what is expected next I will mostly be circulating around the class checking comprehension and answering questions, If I am at my desk come to me if you need something I will give a 5 minute warning to get started cleaning up but this does not mean you stand by the door to leave stay at your property until dismissed
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Procedures For Exiting and End of the Class
Central High Rules of Conduct at all times (non-negotiables) Start packing up and cleaning your area only when I give the 5 minute warning and it is time to finish Finish any tasks and put away any materials or items Clean up your property and make sure it is suitable for the next community I will give final announcements and instruction at this time, listen carefully as I will not repeat myself This should all be done quickly, quietly, and efficiently as to listen to final instructions Final questions or clarification can be done on a 1 to 1 basis at this time You are dismissed by me not the bell, you do not leave your property in shambles
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Beginning of Class
Lets Role Play and Practice Volunteers? Show me how we would enter and start the day Show me the wrong way to enter and start the day
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During Class
Explain what is expected during class The evolution of certain aspects Can the procedures change for each class?
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End of Class
Practice Makes Permenant Lets role play how this will work Can someone show me what not to do? Why are these rules in place for each time of the class
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Emergency Procedures and Possible Jobs
Evacuation Fire drill Active Shooter drill 5-steps of an intruder Meltdown of plant Tornado or other natural disasters
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Early is on time On time is late The door will close when the bell rings You are late if the door has to be opened for you Excessive tardies means more than 2 days in a given week Tardies equal fines and will become more expensive
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Seating Arrangments
Seats will be assigned You will purchase them That will be your cohort group for the quarter Pick a group and spot you will be the most effective Your seat can only be changed with flex seat passes or by me because of discipline issues Your seat is your property and place of business
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Materials and Supplies needed
Computer Pencil Notebook More supplies will be needed later Ask me about a wish list for the community If you take something replace it
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Assignment Submission and Set Up
Most assignments will come from platforms like Canvas or ICEV There will be some physical assignments to turn in Turn in Area of the classroom Proper Header and titling is paramount for credit Ask questions if you do not understand something BEFORE it is due! Many assignments will be in steps or stages, or even part computer submission part physcial submission Always check Canvas for information on assignments and classwork before asking me
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Late/Incomplete work and policies
If turned in by the due date or within the week of the due date no points will be lost If turned in 5 school days after due date 10% grade loss Turned in 6-10 days after due date 20% grade loss Turned in 11 or more days after due date 40% grade loss If turned in Incomplete you will only get half credit, but you may resubmit for more credit under late work guidelines Items turned in before due dates could be eligible for cash incentives if complete and quality work Some work will be incentivied as not just a grade but community cash incentives
40. Open question
240 seconds
Based on the text, what are the consequences for turning in incomplete work, procedural issues, or not following the rules of the community?
CLT-I can clearly define my responsibilities to the community
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Filling up the Quote board starter
This will be an assignment that will be completed next week I want everyone to look for 2-3 quotes that reflect the culture and environment that I have talked to you about in this community Write out the full quote with '' and who said it Use the colorful 3x5 cards on the student table in the back Work with your cohort and be appropriate with what you find, this wil go on the purple board in the room Any Questions?
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Discipline and Behavior
Real World Applications
CLT- I understand and can correlate the rule of the community with real world applications
43. Open question
180 seconds
How could the real world be applied to classroom behavior and discipline?
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WBL Behavior and Discipline
This will entail working in the store and coffee shop when they are open, Central Expectations at all times Expectations of professionalism and maturity just like in a work environment, can lose in class income if behavior is an issue Can lose hours or even be suspended from working if behavior is an issue Can lose hours or be suspended if NCNS or a person does not make a shift This also entails job shadowing with our partners or extracirricular activities; field trips, Work based trips, events
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Community Discipline Steps
First offense is a verbal warning Next is a community fine, amounts depend on the offense Final offense is Removal from the cohort for a period of time dependent on the offense If laws are broken, the cohort can group together to debate the law and severity of the case and punishment Laws will be created by community
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Community Discipline Steps cont...
After multiple community offenses and community involvement does not change the behavior, Central High Classroom discipline steps come into play; student disciplinary handbook, please review, can be docked income for the following week, or suspended from community involvement completely including ALL WBL incentives
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Inflation and Deflation
Starts at current Prime Interest Rates Each class will have inflation and deflation points Inflation points make things in the class more expensive Deflation points make things less expensive This is based on the behavior, participation, and success of the class as a whole
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Deflation Point Examples
Each deflation point equals 10% less cost on all items Higher than 80% assignment submissions Higher than 80% on time submissions 70% or better class assessment scores WBL certs, or any other job ready certs earned my students Items are always added as the class evolves, this is always at the discretion of the Teacher
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Inflation Point Examples
Each Inflation point equals 10% More cost on all items Referral written for in class behavior Out of control classroom behavior Classroom participation loss Repetitive issues in class by multiple students Broken laws by a Cohort Items are always added as the class evolves, this is always at the discretion of the Teacher
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Personal and School Devices
Very Simple: There are NO phones allowed in the community. Phones and Airpods must be put away and out of sight BEFORE work starts You will only get one warning for any devices not allowed, after that items will be impounded in the community and fines will ensue $50 After Impound in community, phone will be taken and sent to Admin where your parent will have to come claim the device, larger impound fine must be paid $200 Will be required to put in bucket everyday once returned
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60 seconds
Smart Pass/Hall Pass
If you need to use a pass: Request it on your Chromebook DO NOT RAISE YOUR HAND TO ASK I will see the request on my computer and will approve when time allows There are NO passes issued during Lunch hours You may turn your computer around to show me the request if I do not see it within a reasonable amount of time
53. Poll
60 seconds
On a scale of 1 to 5, how well did you understand the information?
  • 2 (Somewhat)
  • 1 (Poorly)
  • 4 (Well)
  • 5 (Very well)
  • 3 (Moderately)
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Community Sign ups
Khan Academy Gimkit ICEV Canvas Announcement in Canva
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60 seconds
Community Choices (Project Assignment)
Here your first community involvement in choices: This will first be private think time Then you will discuss in your cohort Then we will discuss as a community Discussion topics: Ways to earn extra income Laws that can be introduced and voted on next week (research business law) Property Pricing Pricing on purchasable items, also ideas of items to purchase
56. Open question
330 seconds
What Questions or Items need to be Clarified?
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60 seconds
Strength Finder Click Registration button at the top right corner Register with your Gmail account at the bottom Start when prompted Any Questions?!
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60 seconds
Hours of Operation/Extra Help
Encourage students to become lifelong learners, igniting their curiosity and thirst for knowledge.
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60 seconds
How Grading and Assessments will work
Plan and execute lessons that are aligned with the curriculum and aligned with the standards and goals of the school/district.
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Collaboration and Group Work
Foster a growth mindset in your students by emphasizing effort, progress, and perseverance rather than just grades or test scores.
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Day to Day Routines
Build a strong support system with fellow educators who share your passion for teaching and can offer guidance and inspiration.

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