Forms of Government

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1. Word cloud
120 seconds
Write words related to the concept of Government?
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Government is a group of people who have to power to make and enforce laws for a country or area.
Foundations of Government
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In one word, how do you think government systems influence our lives?
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Government influences lives...
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How do we judge governments or decide which government is best for a society?
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There are 3 different ways to judge government systems... Number or level of citizen participation Distribution of power between agencies Strength of Executive Power
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Today, we will Study the Level of Citizen Participation More specifically, we want to view how many citizens can participate in government, and also the level of power held by the govenment.
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Constitution: A document that sets forth the fundamental principles of a government and the relationship between the government and its citizens. Limited government: a government structure in which government actions are limited by law. They work to protect the common good and provide for people's needs. People in a limited government may gather freely to express their opinions and work to change government policies. Sovereignty: The authority of a state to govern itself or another state Tyranny: Unjust use of power.
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Join the Flocabulary!
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Happy Tuesday! Complete the SEL Form!
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Go to Google Class & Start the Concept Map Leave a message in chat if you need a reminder. View Assignment- Government Types 8/6.
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Take 2o minutes to complete your concept map.
14. Drawings
1050 seconds
Create a visual reflective of your government type.
15. Poll
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Which government system gives ultimate power to the PEOPLE?
  • Democracy
  • Oligarchy
16. Poll
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In which government system are citizens directly involved in decision-making through voting?
  • Monarchy
  • Democracy
  • Dictatorship
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Review Government Types using the Vocabulary Review 1
18. Open question
210 seconds
Which government type do you think most societies find most comfortable?

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