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Fragments to Sentences


Curipod generated lesson: "convert fragments into sentences". #5-7

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How can you best convert fragments into sentences?
  • By using descriptive words to provide more information about the subject.
  • By adding a subject and verb to the fragment to make a complete thought.
  • By understanding the context of the fragment and writing a sentence that fits that context.
  • By using a thesaurus to find synonyms of words in the fragment.
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How can you convert the fragment 'Eating ice cream.' into a sentence?
  • I am eating ice cream.
  • Eating is enjoyable.
  • Ice cream melts quickly.
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What would be an appropriate complete sentence for the fragment 'Playing soccer with friends.'?
  • I love playing soccer with my friends.
  • We played soccer yesterday.
  • Friends are playing soccer.
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What are some examples of fragments?
5. Personalised Feedback
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How can you transform the following sentence fragment into a complete sentence: "Running in the park."?
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Can you identify why the following sentence is a fragment: "Walking to the store."
7. Drawings
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Question: Re-write the following sentence fragment so that it is grammatically correct: 'The cat on the mat' Clues: • A sentence fragment is an incomplete sentence. • A sentence needs a subject, verb and complete thought. • Check for spelling, capitalization and punctuation errors. 1. Work in pairs to re-write the sentence fragment. 2. Explain your solution by drawing it out.

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