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Gender in tourism


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In one word, describe what gender is!
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Gender roles in tourism are often seen as unequal, with women and men having different expectations, opportunities, and responsibilities. Gender is an important factor in tourism, influencing the way people travel and what experiences they have. Gender roles have an impact on tourism not only for tourists but also for workers and the local communities that are impacted by tourism.
Gender in Tourism
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Gender Equality: The state of equal access to opportunities and resources regardless of gender. Tourism Industry: The industry of providing services to people travelling away from their home for leisure, business, or other purposes. Gender Inequality: The unequal distribution of power, resources, and opportunities between women and men.
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In 2018, the World Tourism Organization reported that women accounted for 58% of international tourists. In 2019, the global travel industry spent $60 billion on female-targeted marketing. Women are more likely to book their own trips and are less likely to use a travel agent than men.
Did you know?
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Work together in pairs: What are some ways that the tourism industry could increase opportunities for women in tourism labour, and how do you think this could help shape the industry in the future?
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How does gender affect travel patterns and decision-making in the tourism industry?
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Work together in pairs: What is one way that the tourism industry can better promote gender equality in the workplace?
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What percentage of the global tourism workforce is made up of women?
  • Less than 30%
  • Over 50%
  • About 40%
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Which country has a Gender Equality in Tourism Plan?
  • Japan
  • Cape Verde
  • France
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What are some examples of gender-based violence that can occur in the hospitality industry?
  • Gender bias on promotion opportunities
  • Sexual harassment, assault and exploitation
  • Gender discrimination on pay rates
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Which organization promotes inclusive and sustainable tourism development through gender equality and women's empowerment?
  • UN Women
  • ILO

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