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How many sides does a square have?


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How many sides does a square have?
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Area is a measure of the size of a surface or object Area is usually measured in square units, such as square centimeters or square miles or square tiles Area can be used to calculate the length of the perimeter of an object
What is Area?
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Length: The distance between two points Width: The measurement of how wide something is Perimeter: The distance around the outside of a shape
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The area of a triangle is half the base times the height The area of a circle is pi multiplied by the radius squared The largest country by area is Russia, with 17,098,242 km2
Fun facts:
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Draw / write: What types of objects can you measure the area of?
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Brain break- Draw a raptor eating a bowl of cereal
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Draw / write: How could you use area to help you with multiplication?
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What is the difference between area and perimeter?
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How does the area of a shape help you understand its size?

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