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How to use a mouse

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What is the primary function of a computer mouse?
  • To type text
  • To play games
  • To move the cursor on the screen
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Which button on a mouse is used for selecting or clicking?
  • Right button
  • Left button
  • Middle button
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How do you perform a double-click using a mouse?
  • Press and hold down both left and right buttons simultaneously
  • Quickly press and release the left mouse button twice
  • Press and hold down the right mouse button
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Draw a pig wearing a superhero cape and a mask, ready to save the day
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What does scrolling with the mouse wheel do?
  • Changes the volume of your computer speakers
  • Moves up and down on web pages or documents
  • Navigates through different applications
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How can you right-click using a mouse?
  • Click with your right finger on the right button
  • Use keyboard shortcuts like Shift + F10
  • Hold down both left and right buttons together
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What is the function of the right-click on a mouse?
  • Opening new tabs in browsers
  • Closing applications
  • Accessing contextual menus

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