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How would you define workplace diversity?


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How would you define workplace diversity?
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Generational issues in the workplace are caused by differences in values and expectations between different age groups. Managing generational differences is important for workplace diversity and productivity. Organizations should strive to create an intergenerational work culture that values all generations.
Generational Issues in Workplace Diversity
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Generational Issue: Differences in values and expectations between different age groups in the workplace. Workplace Diversity: The presence of individuals from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives within a work environment. Intergenerational Work Culture: A work environment that values and welcomes employees from all generations.
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Do you think that there is an issue with generational diversity in the workplace?
  • Yes, it is a big problem
  • No, it is not an issue
  • It depends on the company
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Baby Boomers make up the largest segment of employees in the US labor force. Millennials are projected to make up 75% of the global workforce by 2025. Gen Z is the first generation to be born into a fully digital world.
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Write: What challenges do the different generations face in the workplace?
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Write: How can organizations create a workplace culture that values and promotes diversity among the different generations?
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How does my generation's perspective on workplace diversity differ from other generations?
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What have I learned about the different generations and their perspectives on workplace diversity?

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