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In a few words, what is your opinion about opinion writing?


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In a few words, what is your opinion about opinion writing?
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Opinion writing is when you write your own thoughts and ideas about a subject. You must use evidence to support your opinion. Opinion writing should be clear and have a strong point of view.
What is Opinion Writing?
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subject: The topic or thing that you are writing about. evidence: Facts or reasons that support your opinion. point of view: Your opinion on a topic or issue.
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What do you think is the most important part of opinion writing?
  • Explaining your point of view
  • Providing evidence to back up your opinion
  • Considering other points of view
  • Using persuasive language
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George Washington wrote more than 17,000 letters during his lifetime. The oldest known written opinion was written in 2400 BC by an Egyptian lawyer. The Declaration of Independence is an example of an opinion piece.
Fun facts:
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Draw / write: What is your opinion about opinion writing?
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Draw / write: How can opinion writing help us express ourselves?
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Do you think it's important to consider other people's opinions when writing?
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What are the benefits of expressing your opinion in writing?

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