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1. Poll
60 seconds
Would you rather unwind at the end of the night with a good series or a movie?
  • series
  • movie
2. Poll
60 seconds
Would you rather eat pasta or pizza for the rest of your life?
  • Pasta
  • Pizza
3. Poll
60 seconds
Would you rather travel to the past or the future?
  • Past
  • Future
4. Word cloud
60 seconds
What are three words that come to mind when you think of English class?
5. Poll
60 seconds
What area of language learning do you find the most difficult?
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Reading Comprehensio
  • Speaking
  • Writing
6. Open question
210 seconds
Is there anything else you'd like me to know? (Topics you'd like to address/learning style/questions/etc)

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