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Name one introduced species.
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Introduced species are organisms that people introduce to ecosystems they are not native to. Introduced species can cause much damage to the environment, economy, and health of native species. Humans are the main cause of introducing species to new areas. Introduces species have no natural predators or diseases to keep their population numbers in check.
Introduced Species: A Growing Problem
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Introduced species: Organisms that people introduce to ecosystems they are not native to. Environmental damage: The destruction, degradation, and impairment of ecosystems due to human activities. Native species: Organisms that live in a particular area naturally, not introduced by humans.
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Introduced species can have a huge impact on the environment, both positive and negative. How do you feel about introduced species?
  • They are necessary to help maintain ecosystems
  • They should be strictly regulated to prevent harm
  • They should be avoided altogether
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In Australia, the Common Myna bird has become so aggressive that it is now classified as 'pest species'. The lionfish is an introduced species which is native to the Pacific Ocean, but can now be found in the Atlantic Ocean. Scientists estimate that there are more than 5000 introduced species in the Great Lakes region of North America.
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Draw / write: What are some of the potential consequences of introducing a new species to an environment?
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Draw / write: What are the benefits of introducing new species to an environment?
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In what ways have you seen introduced species affect the environment in your area?
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What steps can be taken to minimize the potential negative effects of introducing a new species to an environment?

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