Introduction to Growth Mindset


What is growth mindset, and how is it different to a fixed mindset? In this lesson, the students get

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Growth Mindset
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What is a Growth Mindset?
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Belief that talents can be developed through hard work, good strategies, and input from others. Growth mindset is really important for learning. Growth mindset is the opposite of a "Fixed mindset".
What is growth mindset?
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I am bad at..... I'm not as smart as..... I'll never understand.... I'm going to fail.... It might be uncomfortable noticing your fixed mindset for the first time- this is normal!
What is a fixed mindset?
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Name a skill that you now know that you couldn't do when you were born.
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I am bad at math! I am not yet good at math. I'm not as smart as they are. I'm not as smart as they are yet. I'll never understand how to add fractions. I don't understand how to add fractions yet. I'm going to fail the test. I'm not yet able to pass the test.
Let's Change Our Words!
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Draw a situation when growth mindset would be great to have!
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How did you react last time you made a mistake?
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With a growth mindset - how would you react when you do a mistake?
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